St. Mary of the Ass​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​umption Parish

St. Mary MacKillop Catholic Church, Keilor Downs  ~  St. Paul's Catholic Church, Kealba

Our Schools
St. Mary MacKillop Primary School
Located next to Mary MacKillop Catholic Church in Keilor Downs, the school caters for students from Prep to Grade 6.  
Our school strives to uphold our defining features which:
  • Promotes the dynamic vision of God’s love
  • Recognises and nurtures the spirituality of each person
  • Creates an environment which engages the children in quality learning experiences
  • Works in partnership with families and the wider community, creating an authentic experience of connectedness

Interested in enrolling?
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Inspired by the Gospel
and in the spirit of St. Mary MacKillop,
we never see a need
without taking action
St. Paul's Primary School
Located next to St Pauls Catholic Church in Kealba, the school caters for students from Prep to Grade 6.  Our school strives to inspire our students:
  • To aspire to reach their personal best and celebrate this achievement
  • To show respect to themselves and others at all times
  • To live out the Gospel message in all that they do
  • To solve issues in a peaceful and respectful way
  • To have a healthy respect for themselves, others and their environment

Interested in enrolling?
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“We actively promote the living out of Gospel values such as love, tolerance, justice, faith and empathy in all of our daily interactions, and recognise the positive effect this has on the climate of our School"